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The Vegan Diet - Is a Vegan Diet Healthy?

As with every diet, there would always be people who will be against or in favor of the subject. This is no exception with the vegan diet. Some people think you cannot maintain a healthy lifestyle on this diet because there are certain nutrients you can get only by eating animal products while others argue that the vegan diet is the most healthy diet there is.

So is the vegan diet healthy?

I can answer this questions from two points of view. My experience as a vegan and how this diet has changed my life, and research done by scientists that proves this diet is a healthy one.

My experience as a vegan has been amazing. The reason why i decided to become a vegan was because I was getting acne and could not get rid of it. I tried very famous programs and creams for the treatment of acne but didn't achieve long term results. This creams will work for a while but then it would start all over again and sometimes it would get worse. So I knew there had to be something that was causing my acne and decided to change my diet.

Since I went vegan, my acne has completely disappear. It probably took me around 2 weeks since I started seeing results and since then I no longer have acne. Also since I chose the vegan lifestyle, I feel more energetic and conscious about the impact we, as humans, have on the environment and animals.

As for scientific research made on vegans, it has been discovered that vegans tend to prevent diseases such as obesity, heart attack, cancer, arthritis, diabetes and many other. This is because a vegan diet provides more nutrients the body needs and cuts all the cholesterol and hormones you get when eating animal products. Nowadays, there is so much process foods out there that is affecting the health of millions while a vegan diet gives you the nutrition your body needs in a more natural way.

Now you might think if a vegan diet is so good to our health, why only less than 5% of the whole population are vegans or vegetarians?

To me it comes down to myths and bad information. We are set to belief since we are little kids that drinking cows milk is going to make us grow and be strong. That meat is the only source of protein there is. We see TV commercials showing people living a healthy life and suggesting us that we should eat one egg per day. You see this type of information has been around for many years making it hard to break the habit. That is why I belief there is such a small number of vegans in the world.


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