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Understanding Calories in Alcoholic Drinks

In gaining an understanding of which drinks are best for us and which tipples contain the lowest calorie count it is important that we do not "judge the drink by its cover" as such. In researching this topic I at first assumed that the larger the quantity of drink in a glass the larger the percentage of fat and carbs etc. It was not clicking with me that alcoholic drinks just like food types have differing calorie counts. I assumed that calories in alcoholic drinks were the same across the board. This was in hindsight such a ridiculous assumption on my part; an assumption which I later found out was completely untrue.

We most often associate nutrition value counting with foods rather than alcoholic drinks, so lets start with a food example. Let's take an extreme example. Lettuce is traditionally low in calories; after all it is in theory a simple leaf. We could collect a sack full of lettuce bring it to a lab and measure its weight and hence determine the calories contained within the sack. After this we could travel to our local supermarket and buy a black forest gateaux cake. Similarly we would bring this to the lab and again measure for calories according to its weight. Although the large sack of lettuce would be heavier than the small gateaux cake we all know that the cake would contain much more calories than all of the lettuce collected.

Now if we take a step back we can observe that even where we are drinking the smallest of drinks from a shot or snaps glass, the calories within the glass depending on the drink within the glass, could be of a far higher than the calorie count in a larger drink. There is a science behind alcohol. The number of Calories in Alcoholic Drinks varies according to the drink. In the coming posts we will be discussing just which drinks contain the least calories and bad nutrients. Stay Tuned!


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