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15 Habits Will Benefit You A Lot

1, Eat vitamin after breakfast

Studies have shown that vitamin supplement is of great benefit to health. So why should we eat vitamins after breakfast? Because a vitamin can provide the necessary nutrition we need, so you have the energy to work and study.

2, Drink two glasses of water before each meal

This can not only keep the body has been in a "water " state, but also control the appetite. A Dutch study shows that drinking two glasses of water before meal can reduce hunger and food intake, and thus play a role in weight loss.

3, Pour the coffee into the milk, instead of pouring milk into coffee

The first thing is to fill the cup with skim milk after you get up. Then drink 1 / 5, and then pour coffee into it. In this way, you can intake the daily requirement of vitamin.

4, Drink a large glass of water after eating fast food

Fast in the heat and salt are generally seriously overweight, although we do have eaten no way fat, but a glass of water can help you to dilute the concentration of sodium in the body, so you farther away from high blood pressure.

5, Do not give up any opportunity of eating onions

Many people will carefully pick out the onions and stayed away from it. This is wrong. Because it contains a lot of onion flavonoids which can protect the heart, therefore, to eat onions should be our responsibility. In particular, eating less healthy food like meat, the onion is your "lifesaver."

6, Use cold water bubble black tea

Recently, the U.S. Department of Agriculture study found that compared with green vegetables or carrots, the black tea contains more antioxidants, which can effectively help you resist wrinkles or cancer.

7, Eat something at 3 PM o'clock

Maybe stay in bed could be the reason you do not eat breakfast, but at three PM you should eat something. It can help you get through the most fatigue time during a day. Yogurt, fruit, biscuits are good choices.

8, Eat orange with "white silk"

When people eat oranges they often don't eat the "white silk" - peel. In fact, that is nutritious and is beneficial to the body. Its taste is also very good. You can have a try.

9, Set a task of drinking water

Work will make you busy and thirsty. You can prepare a 1.5-liter big bottle of water in the desk and set yourself to drink.

10, Buy fruit undecided to choose the kind of dark

Although the appearance of a wide variety of fruit, but to measure the health, and dark fruit definitely superior, because it contains more antioxidants. When you swing from time to time, choose the plum, black plum fruit of such quasi-right.

11, Rinse with hot water, cut in pieces

Spread in a thick cut of meat tissue can absorb the grease. If you want more clean, you can put the pieces in place colander, rinse with hot water. Using this method, you can remove about half the fat.

12, Dip appetizer dish to the mix

13, Eat some foods as meat

14, Fight the Battle of fat at dinner

Some people eat breakfast or lunch without eating fatty foods so they choose to eat fatty food at dinner, this idea is wrong. Studies show that intake of 50-80 grams of fat it will reduce blood vessel elasticity. So you should pay attention to this.

15, Eat high fiber foods before going to bed

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dr. Judith Waterman said that it is benefit to your health.

After you form these habits, you will find that your life is more regular and more beautiful. Then the goal is fulfilled and you will benefit a lot.


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