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Dont Let Calorie Counting in Alcohol Take Over!

I believe that it is important that everyone understands that we should not be afraid of alcohol. Yes we should afford alcohol a certain respect, but we should not be worried about our health and other factors whilst we are having an occasional tipple. Alcohol is (when drank in moderation) a healthy fuel for the body. Similarly and following on from this; when we are having fun with our friends or family over a few beers and then become worried about the calories in alcoholic drinks, we risk ruining a good night for everyone. Alcohol in my eyes is just like an expensive French blue cheese. Its lovely to have some once a week, so long as we do not over do it and give ourselves a stomach cramp!

Speaking of things French here's a tip to consider the next time you or someone you know feels guilty over a pint of your favourite beer or bitter: Scientists in recent years have actually associated the regular and moderate drinking of alcohol such as red wine with good health and lasting age. There are good and bad nutrients in everything we as humans consume, so the odd few calories in alcoholic drinks might actually help build a person, their body and their immune system. Red wine in the case of the research carried out was proven to have a strong connection with keeping ones heart healthy and happy. We have to distance ourselves from the stereotypical view that drinking is bad in every sense.

Over the next few weeks once I feel that readers of this blog are gaining a good understanding of Calories in Alcoholic Drinks and safe drinking in general, I will be providing some recipes tips and advice as to how best enjoy your night in without worry and stress


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