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Calories in Alcoholic Drinks

I recently established Calories in Alcoholic Drinks, a resource where I aim to keep people up to date in regards of all things alcohol health related. Obviously this is my first ezine article, so perhaps I should start by telling you a bit about myself and what I wish to achieve in establishing this website. I have always been bit of a fitness fanatic and love to keep in shape, however at the same time I love to socialise and have a few drinks with my friends and family once or twice a week.

I was finding that as I grew (slightly) older, my body was not able to handle alcohol like it used to. I was putting on a good few pounds here and there, especially it seemed after socialising and having a few drinks.

This left me with somewhat of a dilemma. Was I to give up alcohol for good in an effort to preserve my aging body, or should I feel the defeat and allow myself to develop that beer belly that so many forty something year olds have? As you have probably guessed I chose neither option. Instead I began to research the alcohol industry from a nutritional point of view. I took all of the tipples that I was used to, and measured their contents and calories. I came to the eventual conclusion that the calorie values within these tipples vary enormously.

At this point I became extremely interested in the topic on a whole different level. I began to gain an understanding of the concerns people have about their consumption of alcohol and how it affects their health, given that it is such a major part of our society and culture. I understood that people are worried about the Calories in Alcoholic Drinks and feel they have no way of measuring such accurately. I began to gain an understanding of what drinks were best suited to people of varying sizes, how we in society should regard our drinking habits, and how we can go about drinking whilst ensuring we maintain a healthy and proper standard of living.


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