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Stop Eating Sugar!

Do you have a sweet tooth? I do, and life without sweets sounds just too unsatisfying to accept. I have also been overweight all of my adult life, so I know first hand the damage that sweets can do. What's a sweet lover to do if they stop eating sugar to lose weight?

I have found the answer to that question over the past two years while dropping 4 dress sizes and losing and keeping off 40 pounds of unwanted, unsightly fat. So, if you want to achieve your weight loss goals and keep your sweet tooth happy, here are a few tips.

Stop Eating Sugar

I'm sure that you know that sugar rots your teeth. Do you also know that sugar turns your body into a fat storing machine? It causes your blood sugar to rise and triggers the pancreas to release a surge of insulin, which enables the muscles and cells to use the sugar in the blood. This blood sugar spike sets up a pattern of mood swings and cravings that sap your vitality and inflate your waistline. As you crave more sweet or starchy foods, your body metabolizes them into sugar, which spikes your blood sugar and sets the vicious cycle in motion again.

You should also stop eating sugar because excess sugar in the blood attaches to the proteins that enable the muscles, cells, and fat to respond to insulin. When these proteins are coated with sugar they no longer respond to the insulin. This triggers insulin resistance, otherwise known as metabolic syndrome. People with insulin resistance are at risk for developing diabetes 2 and heart disease.

Some other reasons to stop eating sugar that you might not be aware of are that sugar is a primary contributor to blemishes, edema-related puffiness, under-eye circles, and wrinkles. Sugar destroys collagen and leads to the cross-linking of fibers that provide skin's elasticity. This causes the development of wrinkles. Sugar breaks down protein in the skin and the rest of the body in a process called glycation. This process results in brown spots, inflammation, sagging, and pre-mature aging.

If you stop eating sugar, you will want to stop eating all forms of sugar because they all produce the same results, regardless of whether you use white refined sugar, raw turbinated sugar, or dehydrated cane sugar.

How to Stop Eating Sugar

If you're like me, you have a sugar addiction, so you need a strategy for breaking that addiction. You might also have a caffeine addiction because they are related and are affected by each other. When you decide to stop eating sugar, you also need to stop consuming caffeine. If you want to avoid major withdrawal symptoms, like severe headaches, gradually wean off of the caffeine and sugar. Reduce the number of servings each day by one half until you are down to one serving per day. Then, the next day consume no caffeine or sugar.

One way to reduce your servings is to dilute them to half-strength. In other words, use half the sugar in each serving, use half caffeinated and half decaf coffee or tea, dilute your coffee or tea with half milk, or dilute soda with water or seltzer. Another way is to substitute every other serving with an alternative that doesn't contain sugar or caffeine until you have eliminated all servings of caffeine and sugar. Try substituting herbal tea or coffee for standard caffeinated tea or coffee. Try replacing caffeinated or diet sodas with spritzers made with seltzer and unsweetened cranberry juice concentrate sweetened with liquid stevia or seltzer with cocoa extract and milk sweetened with liquid vanilla stevia to simulate an egg cream. Remember that it is important that your alternatives satisfy your sensory and psycho-emotional needs as well as your dietary and nutritional needs.

If you want to get slim and trim, delay physical signs of aging, and be healthy and vibrant, stop eating sugar forever!


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