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Is Peanut Butter Healthy? Amazing Peanut Butter Nutrition Facts

Many people ask me: Roy, is peanut butter healthy? Is it not fattening? In this article I have some amazing peanut butter nutrition facts for you. Peanut butter is good for you. Like all nuts it has so many healthy fats that we require in our diet on a daily basis. However, some of us, like myself cannot tolerate peanuts at all, which is OK.

I have Crohn's disease, so my stomach cannot digest certain foods. But I eat all other nuts and they good for me. Peanuts are nuts, and nuts in general contain a lot of healthy fats. We need healthy fats in our diet everyday. Healthy fats will satisfy your appetite, control cravings and manage more stable blood sugar levels. How is that for healthy food. I recently bought organic macadamia butter.

If you get sick of peanut butter all the time, go for other nut butters like macadamia, almond, cashew or any other nut butter you can find. Organic is best. That macadamia butter I got is so good, I eat it as it is. It is rich in flavor, very tasty and very healthy. The other day I went to the supermarket and saw a product claiming to be healthier than peanut butter. There are many products as such on shelves, all wrapped in fancy and smart packaging trying to deceive you to buy them as they are "healthier" than the other natural product. While I cannot put a name here for this product - I can tell you why it was not healthier than normal peanut butter.

PB is basically just two ingredients: raw peanuts and some salt. Take note that they do not add too much salt to it so it is not high in sodium. The list of ingredients in this product includes - chemicals, preservatives, coloring and so on. The company that makes this, stripped all the healthy fats from the peanuts and then claimed it was 'low fat'. Very nice. Healthy fat does not make you fat, providing you combine it with healthy carbs and protein in your meal. Then they added some sugary syrups, dehydrated cane sugar which is exactly the white sugar you use every day to put in your coffee, and just to finish it off some refined starches. If you think that over processing of natural product is healthier than the product at its original state, think again. Mike Geary writes about all types of nutrition that will make your body burn fat and calorie 24/7.


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