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Do You Ever Count Your Blood Sugar Levels?

Consumption of large amounts of sugar is associated with a condition commonly known as sugar rush. You will at times feel that you have enough energy to do almost anything your heart desires. Yes, you will initially feel good, but you also have to brace yourself for the after effects. The older you get, the more cautious you have to become with the food you eat. Your body reacts to everything that you give it. While still a teenager, you could eat almost whatever thing you desired without feeling its effects on your body. As you exceed the age of 30, things tend to work differently. Shedding off extra weight from your body is not as easy as it was before.

One of the causes of excess weight is increase in amounts of blood sugar in our body. These wild changes are preventable though. People conscious about their glycemic index tend to have control over their eating habits. It can be the difference between eating to satisfy your hunger and out of control binging. Back at school, you were probably taught that one of the ways to keep healthy is controlling the amount of sugar in your digestive system. Different nutrients have different ways they digest in your body. It may not be easy to get a clear understanding of these processes. What you need to bear in mind though is the need to ensure an internal balance in the nutrients you take in.

If you have a natural weakness for sweets, avoid consuming much sugar and candy, especially as you advance in age. The sweets lead to the blood sugar spike, and you'll have plenty of energy for a while. But for every spike comes a plunge. During moments when lots of carbohydrates are released into the blood stream, a quick absorption capacity will be required of your cells. This will make you feel tense, nervous, and irritated.

You will develop the urge to eat just about anything that comes your way. Unless your stomach feels extremely full, you will not want to stop eating. You will run out of control of yourself when your blood sugar drops drastically. You will always be thinking about food most of the time if you don't satisfy this urge to eat immediately. However, you will never go wrong enjoying your food if your blood sugar level is kept in check. Of course, it may not be easy as it seems, but with commitment, you can succeed. Simple biochemistry has it that, as you grow old, you need to consume more proteins and vegetables when feeling hungry. This does not mean you cut carbohydrates off your menu. All you need to do is to take in these nutrients in moderation. Your goal should be to keep blood sugar at minimum or avoid too much of it.

A balanced combination of proteins and carbohydrates will slow down the speed at which you get hungry. These nutrients will enter you blood in a steady stream. If you develop a strong urge to indulge in sweet stuff, eat it after laying a good foundation of proteins in your tummy.


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