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Fast and Easy Diet Recipes You Can Do By Yourself

Losing weight became a fad for as long as there were models with gorgeous bodies on magazine covers. In a way, it taught a lot of people how to become health conscious by watching what and how much they eat of a certain food group. If you're dieting right now, try these simple diet recipes that will guarantee to reduce your weight. And it takes less than 20 minutes to prepare, too.

Appetizer: Vegetable Quesadillas

Begin a meal with something that is yummy, filling, but light on carbohydrates and calories. And when you're searching for a good appetizer, you can never go wrong with Vegetarian Quesadillas. Mix cream cheese, finely chopped green onions, garlic (either fresh or powdered, either of these will do). Spread the mixture on whole wheat tortillas. Add red pepper, spinach, and cheese on one half of the tortilla then fold in half. Afterwards, you have the option of heating the tortillas in a skillet or electronic grills. The latter will give your quesadillas those nice brown stripes that seem only achievable in restaurant served quesadillas.

Tip: Don't use too much cream cheese. You might be tempted to do so but this might overdo the combination of flavors in your quesadillas. Pineapples can also be added as toppings if preferred.

Main Course: Asian Chicken

People on diet prefer eating white meat (i.e. chicken, turkey) because this contains less fat. Try whipping this main dish and you will surely find yourself craving for it. Create a marinade by combining ginger, hoisin sauce, and garlic. Cut chicken or turkey into smaller pieces and leave in the marinade for 10-15 minutes. Do not leave the meat in the mixture overnight as this will drain the meat of its natural juices (which will make its insides dry when cooked). Then fry the meat pieces until well cooked and then set aside. Afterward, saute garlic and onion in a skillet and heat until the onions turn clear in color. Add green cabbage and wait until the leaves start to wilt. Add sesame oil and top with the fried meat. Serve warm.

Tip: Use olive oil for frying and sauteing. It pays to use healthier oils in cooking your food.

Dessert: Banana Berry Popsicles

Who says that being on diet means giving up the dessert? Not if you know which food to eat (and I'm not talking about carrot cake). Try this cold dessert-perfect after a 2-hour workout in the gym or after sweating it out in a 2 kilometer, early morning jog.

Mash one part bananas and one part raspberries (any in-season fruit will do actually). Mix the fruit, organic yogurt, and cinnamon in a bowl. Be sure to blend the ingredients well. You have the option of using a food processor for a finer mixture. Fill popsicle molds with enough mixture. Don't forget to put in popsicle sticks just before the mixture freezes.

Tip: You'll be surprised at how this attracts children and people who have not even thought of dieting. Enjoy this diet recipe with family members and this might also encourage friends to join you in your pursuit for a healthier lifestyle.


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