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The Good Side of Snacking

Snacking between meals is a probably a habit you have always enjoyed. In fact some derive fun in doing it. As years roll by, you might want to reconsider this habit. Your metabolism deteriorates with age. As a result, maintaining that ideal weight and keeping your cholesterol counts at manageable levels becomes increasingly difficult. Snacking while at the same time working to maintain your weight is comparable to buying a high-end car on a budget. You will not achieve either of these goals. If advised by your doctor to cut back, those light meals should be dropped first before anything else.

Here is one interesting turn of events. Noshing is not always bad. Keeping completely away from snacks can actually have an adverse effect on your waist line. Research has proven that people who avoid eating between meals may end up consuming more calories overall. When esurient, your blood sugar is low and your defenses are down making you ill equipped to make the best choices. Nibbling on your cracker is the only choice you are left with.

The trick to finding real fun in eating without any feelings of guilt is to stock your cupboard with dainties that are built to strengthen your willpower. The best recommendation is foods pumped with air to give an inflating effect to your tummy without really making it bulge. Puffier snacks like rice chips if consumed greedily consume more volume. The calories taken are very minimal. Foods filled with air appear really much, and yet contain a very low count of calories. Yes, you eat more with almost no side effects.

You probably believe all calories are equal. Your brain though makes the choices. The impact of liquids on your metabolism and suppression of anger is less compared that of solids. In other words, you will still be taking in calories without any significant changes in your system. Consequently, you will still feel angry, and end up eating more in the end. The best way out would be to consume denser liquids like smoothies. Your brains appetite center will still record that as food. At the end of the day, you have this couldn't -get-another-bite sensation in your tummy.

When it comes to spices, all you need is to wade away the risk of suffering from hyperacidity as it is harmful. Otherwise lovers of spices have every reason to smile. Spices have been known for being a good tool for cutting weight. Yes, an addition of pepper in your food means you are consuming fewer calories. The hot sensation slows you down and also causes thermogenesis. This implies that your body literally heats up, burning a few extra calories in the long run. In addition, the compounds embedded in red pepper have proven lethal to fat cells, killing them before they get the chance to fully develop in your system. Of course, you will not go too fast on spicy cuisine as with non spicy meals.

Take pleasure in noshing. All you need to is make wise choices on what you snack on so as not to gain any additional pounds on your body. Snacking is not always dangerous. On the contrary, it can be a good alternative to getting healthy while cutting down on the fats even as you grow older.


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