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Cooking Healthy Is A Part Of Eating Healthy

Its not enough to just make healthy food choices because if that's all that you do you'll find that it will all be done in vain. Why? Well, there are still potential dangers lurking about in your cookware. Yes its true. It won't do you any good to cut out all of the toxic-ridden foods from your diet if you're still cooking the healthy foods on toxic-laden cookware, thus putting the dangerous chemicals right back into your body.

So what's the solution? Its simple. Change your cookware. Like most things, all cookware is indeed not created equal. Some are good and others just aren't. For instance, aluminum is among the bad. Over the years this one has gotten quite a bad rap, and for good reason. Studies have shown that human ingestion of aluminum can cause Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, liver and gastrointestinal diseases as well as constipation and a host of other issues. Meanwhile, coming in close second on the list of undesirable cookware options is teflon. Teflon has been liked to cancer, elevated thyroid hormone levels and increased cholesterol.

Now I'm sure that you may think that this doesn't leave you with much else to choose from with regards to your non-stick cooking needs. However, rest assured that there are indeed other healthy, affordable options. For starters, cast iron is a good place to start. It may not be the prettiest and yes you'll definitely get a good workout getting one of these suckers out and returning it to the cabinet, but the reliability of cast iron has amazingly stood the test of time. For one thing, we can count on it for its versatility. From cornbread to stir-fry cast iron gets the job done. It can be used both on the stove top and in the oven. Meanwhile, no need to worry about it being reactive. Since you need iron in your diet the trace amounts of iron that leach onto your food will not be a problem.

Next, and even better than cast iron is glassware, yes glassware. Glassware is among the best in healthy cookware for many reasons. It comes in a diverse range of beautiful options such as ceramic and enamelware. More than that, its affordable, easy to care for and is non-reactive so no synthetic materials will leach onto your food.

That said, taking this next step toward better health is up to you. The proof is in the cookware and your food. Whether you swap one pot or pan out at a time or just get rid of all of your teflon and aluminum and purchase a cast iron or glassware cookware set, the benefits of doing so will be well worth it. Sure we thought our grandparents were just being old-fashioned using all of that cast iron and corningware, but there is nothing wrong with admitting the truth of ancestral wisdom. We may not have understood it then but we sure do now.


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