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What Is Vitality?

Vitality when defined by a dictionary is defined as having excellent physical strength and mental vigor. In any dictionary, the definition would be something like that. The definition is always a combination of BOTH mental vigor and physical strength.

Physical strength is important in everything that we do in our daily lives, if we don't have the strength to do anything then we probably won't accomplish much. To have this physical strength, we must be properly nourished and we must have some sort of exercise regimen in place.

The other side of the equation is mental vigor. If you have the strength but you lack the drive (mental vigor) to do that thing, you're probably just going to sit there and not do anything. Having this mental vigor means that you must be inspired to do the things that you want. Proper nutrition also comes into play here because if your brain is not properly nourished then that motivation won't come easy.

One aspect without the other can lead to a lack of vitality. If you had the physical capability of doing something but you don't have the will to do it, then you're probably just not going to do it in the first place. The same thing goes if you have the will to do stuff but you're just not physically capable of doing it, chances are is that you'll not do that thing as well.

The real secret to having vitality is through proper nutrition. Proper nutrition can help both our body and our mind to be at their peak condition.

Quick Trivia: Did you know that vitality was equated with life in the middle ages? A person that was healthy but didn't have the will to continue living was considered as someone dead and lacked vitality to continue on living.


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