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Trans Fats VS Saturated Fats - Which Is Good and Which Is Bad?

In the 1950's Ancel Keys published a paper that claimed that dietary fats are to blame for the increase in heart disease. His study were relying on data from just a small number of countries where there was available information about fat consumption VS heart disease death rate. But when more research was done on this subject and researchers looked into this information, they could not actually find a link between fat consumption and heart disease death, which made Mr. Keys research conclusion false.

In his study Mr. Keys concluded that heart disease was to blame only on fat consumption, but he never looked at other factors for that disease such as exercise frequency, smoking rates, stress, sugar intake, and more lifestyle factors that are known today to be a direct influence for heart disease as well as other chronic diseases. Heck, stress alone is enough to make you very ill despite all efforts you may do to live healthy.

This study has been seen for more than 5 decades as the proof that fat consumption is bad for you full stop, but as you can see this is a study subject to no evidence. There have been a few attempts since then to prove that saturated fat intake is directly linked to heart disease. These were studies conducted by researchers, but they all failed to prove that point. Most of those studies actually tried to connect artificial trans fats with saturated fats, saying to the public - fat intake is bad for you so stop anything with saturated fats is no good. Problem is that this is very misleading as saturated fats are the healthy fats, where as artificial trans fats are the bad ones. So the study failed to actually make the distinguish here which was supposed to be the key for the whole study.

Understand this: Since the beginning of man, since the days of Adam and Eve or the cave men, which ever you choose human being ate saturated fats and lived healthy. Nuts are full of them, grains too. Some oils are good for you, some are bad, depending on if they contain saturated or trans fats.

In his book 'Truth about Six Pack Abs' Mike Geary explains this subject in more detail as he outlines many food examples with saturated, unsaturated, polyunstaurated and trans fats, just so that you know what is good to eat and what will make you sick.


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