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Are You A Localvore?

A "localvore" is someone who eats food that's grown in their immediate environment.

Humans have traditionally eaten locally grown seasonal foods. Modern technology has changed that traditional way of eating, and today every type of food is available at any time of the year regardless of the season or environment where it is grown.

One perspective on this comes from traditional Chinese medicine which reveals that salads, vegetables and fruits are energetically cooling to the body. During the hot summer months, this cooling effect can be beneficial for most, but during the cold winter season, it can weaken the digestive system and may contribute to some gas and bloating. During the spring and summer is the best time of year to incorporate more cooling fruits and vegetables into the diet.

The easiest way to discover what's available in your environment is to check out a local farmers market or join a CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture program) in your area. The traditional farmer can't grow something that's incompatible with his environment.

You can get fresh produce, meat and dairy products straight from the farmer, delivered weekly at a designated pick up site. This is a delicious way to support your health, the local community and the earth too!

Farms participating in the CSA program grow food that's produced naturally, using sustainable, ecologically sound practices. The growers take care in managing their fields and work hard to build and maintain the well balanced, mineralized soil base that enables them to consistently provide you with a fresh supply of highly nutritious produce.

The way the program works is that you pay for a share of the produce raised on the farms during the year. A share consists of 1/2 bushel box of a variety of in-season produce, grown by the members. The variety depends on the weather and the length of the growing season. It's fun to see what wonderful produce will be in your basket each week!

I like to support the local farmers in the area and hope that more people will do the same. There are benefits to everyone involved. It's almost time for those wonderful, colorful, fruits and vegetables to be coming our way every week. Of course, it's nice to plant a small garden too. There's nothing better than walking outside your door only to grab a fresh tomato or some cilantro while you're cooking up a delicious meal. It all comes down to taste and freshness. My motto is, "It has to taste good!"


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