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Muscle Gainer

So you want to put on some muscle, maybe a six pack maybe some biceps. First place you should head is to the "nutrition" store and grab some muscle building, body sculpting, super duper protein shakes, right?

No! Please don't do this!

This is not a good idea. Why, you ask? Turn the bottle/box/can over and take a good hard look at the ingredients. Whey: okay not so bad if it's natural. Corn syrup solids??? Corn syrup is one of the least healthy foods for you - despite what you may have seen in the recent commercial campaign. Natural and Artificial flavors: Artificial? Yuck! Aspartame! Ack, that stuff is pure garbage. High Oliec Sunflower Oil? That's severally damaged sunflower oil, which isn't super healthy to start with! Sucralose? That's chlorinated sugar! And a whole list of preservatives.

Hey wait a minute there are all kinds of testimonials saying that it works! Steroids work, too! Would you put them into your body? Remember, you are not looking for a quick fix, but rather a lifetime solution. How long do you want your 6 pack abs for? A month, a year or a lifetime? If you build your bulk by ingesting this stuff then you will have to continue ingesting this stuff to keep your bulk. Think of all those people out there replacing meals with a diet shake (which has many of the same artificial ingredients) is that really a sustainable solution? Can you picture yourself being 65 and still chugging this stuff? Or would you rather slip into a lifestyle of eating yummy good foods that will help you move into a better body?

The reality is you want to pick up permanent healthy habits, not fad diets that work for a few months and have you forcing yourself to stay on them by sure will power. What if there is a "diet" that lets you eat satisfying amounts of really yummy food? Yes, there is a really good chance it will be a change for you, but not to some kind of crazy calorie restricted, nasty tasting drinks or bland food kind of change.

The best part? This the nature of the "diet" is predisposed to putting the kinds of things in your body that help to build muscle! This "diet" is the solution to end dieting.

How would you like to be on a "diet" where butter is a good thing? Steak is just fine? Salad is NOT the main dish? Now this is the kind of diet I can get into!


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