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Alcohol and Bodybuilding the Wrong Mix

So its Friday night and your ready to party hard after a successful week in the gym. Throwing back a few beers and getting hammered isn't going to hurt you right? Wrong, alcohol has been proven to inhibit muscle growth as well as make you fat two things bodybuilders would rather not have. If you were to drink 1 beer a day for the rest of your life you would put on an astonishing 14lbs of fat per year! Talk about an easy weight loss solution cut the drinks and throw in some quality bodybuilding food and you can already be 14 lbs lighter by your next new years resolution.

The main problem with alcohol is that it hinders the processing of absorbing nutrients leaving your system very malnourished. As bodybuilders we must strive to absorb and consume as many nutrients as possible otherwise our muscles will fail to grow. Think about the effects of a hangover, dehydration, headaches, vomiting, lack of sleep it all adds up to zero increase in strength.

Hydration is an essential to a healthy body and when your muscles are continually flushed with water it creates an anabolic environment. Drinking heavily often results in severe dehydration that is accomplishing the reverse effect. I have yet to have an effective workout while I was severely hung-over.

Contrary to popular belief alcohol reduces testosterone and increases estrogen! This lack of testosterone in effect will destroy your muscle gains. In an intoxicated state testosterone levels can drop up to 25%. Low test levels means a weak anabolic state and weak muscle growth.

The empty calories contained in each drink of alcohol are mind-boggling. 150 calories is that average for most beers throw down a six pack and looking at almost 1000 calories with absolutely no nutritional value. If you don't already know nutrition is everything in bodybuilding and it all starts with cutting the excess calories.

Last but not least alcohol destroys your liver and the bad news is you only got one. Think of it this way your liver is a natural filter that removes all the toxic waste you put into your body. When you drink too much, the liver can't compensate and you run the risk of liver failure. This is especially true for those on supplements while drinking on these compounds is a brutal combination.

A few drinks a month is not going to kill you but binge drinking will have a negative effect on your gains. If you do plan to go out and party make sure you drink at least 1 liter of water before bed and try and consume a big meal before hand. Drinking a protein shake is also ideal if you can manage to keep it down before passing out next to that beautiful girl you picked up at the party. So cut down on the drinks if you can our muscles with thank me later trust me.


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