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Recognizing Candida Foods in Stool - Fish for the Protein

This article will tell you more about some candida foods. My friend can see the foods (like peas, nuts, lettuce, red pepper, etc) in her stool plain as day. That is why she is going to be taking many enzymes and possibly other stomach acids when she finishes her cleansing fast, to see if she is getting any more digestion through her system. If yours are all the same size and color, it may not be something you have eaten. It actually depends on what you have eaten.

After the entire regimen she is doing, she is now feeling much better. But, stress and worries got the better of her yesterday, so she didn't do so well. She was on her cleansing fast for 7 days and that helped a lot and she is really feeling that the Homozon she took has had a positive effect. She just needs to work on her diet, because when she is not fasting, she is still craving sweets and carbs. She even got the energy for exercise, although she can't exercise like she used to. She pulled her treadmill out and is trying to do 10 minute intervals 2 or 3 times a day. It quite helps and she can't believe herself that she feels so much better when she does it. As for the sugar/carb cravings, it is odd, but I suggest her to have to think it will go away.

Her weight went down quite a bit in the 7 days fast, but it was all excess water because of all of the toxins. She thinks she will try to go to primarily fish for her protein, for maybe that will help with any possible additives that are in the beef, chicken, and pork. She is trying to get off the beef and add fish instead. She doesn't really like the smell of it cooking, so she will have to try baking it in a covered pot or get some parchment paper that will keep the smell in, as well as the juices.


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