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Garlic for Excellent Health and Well-Being

Also known as a culinary spice, garlic is often times dismissed as a natural highly effective treatment. In truth, garlic has formidable medicinal benefits and in recent years garlic health benefits have been the object of scientific research. With more than 400 various chemical components, garlic has been discovered to be a virtually phenomenal "cure-all." It is very effective in fighting a whole host of diseases, from the common cold, the herpes virus, asthma, to far more serious ailments such as viral pneumonia, coronary artery disease, heart ailments, certain varieties of cancer, and even HIV.

Garlic just so happens to be a natural antibiotic, and in contrast to laboratory-produced antibiotics, garlic is very effective not only to prevent bacteria, but also viruses and fungi. Plus, it will not destroy the intestinal flora. It enhances the immune system's ability to fight illness by encouraging the killer cells or phagocytes, and strengthens the body's defense mechanisms entirely. It essentially will kill bacteria and viruses on contact, including antibiotic tolerant super-bugs like streptococcus and staphylococcus. Unlike traditional antibiotics and various other treatments, the bacteria and viruses cannot mutate to form robust variations of themselves against garlic! Garlic is thus a lasting antibiotic to which a super-bug can't become resistant against.

Garlic can also help the heart to become healthy. It not only assists to decrease cholesterol and fatty deposits in the arteries, but in addition reduces blood pressure levels and thins blood to help reduce the risk of clotting. An adequate diet plan including garlic along with a sensibly reduced consumption of protein, especially animal protein, may go a considerable ways in preventing a heart attack and stroke.

Garlic can even combat the danger of malignant cells and tumorous growth from finding a foothold. It's been determined to be effective in slowing down and reducing prostate, breast and colon cancer. Garlic's sulfur elements reportedly have a powerful effect on the liver's detoxification enzymes; it is these enzymes with which the liver reduces and eliminates toxins. Garlic thus helps the liver to eliminate toxic substances and harmful chemicals from the body; this action has the ability to stop cells from growing to be cancerous.

Sticking to a sensible way of living and diet program with plenty of fruits and vegetables, (in particular, organic, to decrease toxins from pesticides) is critical. Steering clear of alcohol, cigarettes, excessive sugars and fats, and chemical-laden processed foods is also important. And, including garlic with your food on a regular basis will definitely do no less than shield you against a whole host of diseases.

Obtain garlic health benefits: Eat garlic! Remain healthy!


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