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Despite Education, Americans Are Not Making Diet Changes - WHY?

A significant part of Aging Without Disease is related to what we ingest under the name of nutrition, the substance that feeds our cells. This blog was stimulated by the resent article in Psychology today Feb 2011, which gave some shocking stats on the improvement of American consumption of fruits and vegetables, since our nations campaign to educate on the important role they play in our health.

According to this resent studies there has been no improvement in the consumption of fruit and vegetable eaten by Americans over the last decade The CDC states that a mere 26% of American who consume 3 or more serving of fruit a day and only 32% who consume 2 or more serving of fruit a day. It was in the 1980's that or nation begin to address a connection between the low consumption of eating fruits and vegetable and our declining health. There has been massive amounts of information made accessible every where we look addressing this connection, including the "in your face " attempt at announcing the calorie count on take out foods. In spite of these efforts the stat above show no improvement in the years past.

A survey was conducted on 257 people aging from 18-64 They were asked why their consumption of fruits and vegetable was less than the national recommendation Here is what they said

28% stated that they didn't have time
20% stated it was too costly
20% stated preferred to indulge
13% stated they did not want to violate the traditional eating of their family and friends
12% stated that they were still confused about what is healthy
4% stated they just preferred to stick with their current habits
3% Gave no response

At least 30% or more of Aging Without Disease has to do with do our eating habit, so quite naturally this article caught my attention in a BIG way.

I would like address each of these reasons in the order listed above.

Not enough time.
Perhaps this misbelief is coming from the false belief that it takes 1-4 hours to prepare a nutritious meal. After all instant meals and fast food began when both parents began to work leaving no one to "slave over the stove". May I offer a few suggestions steam vegetables, stir fried vegetable,salads all of which can be prepared and stored in individual serving, on your day off and taken to work.

Too costly.
Vegetables are one of the cheapest things you can purchase. Comparing vegetable to meat and milk,cheese.May I offer some suggestion Look up your local farmer, a food co-cope, I am personally always complementing Trader Joe's ( no available yet in every state in the Union for their remarkable job at destroying the myth that nutritional food is more expensive.

Those who prefer to indulge It's a free country. I would challenge every one is this group to prove to me that they have extra organ stored away when their fail, or show me that the optimal fuel for your heart is fried foods My fear it that it is this 20% who also so see the value in the current health bill.

Violating the eating habits of family and friends This is a concern that crosses all cultures. I constantly read about the youth in other countries following the American diet and it's effect on the health stats of that country. Okinawa is the first one that come to mind, China is another. Eating IS a social event and unfortunately in a large group things like Pizza, hot dogs,burger and french fries are ordered. Who wants to be the outcast that always orders something different. I will share with you that I have been that outcast since I was 16y/o so believe me when I tell you I know how hard it is and the feeling of rejection and hurt. What I always said was"Well I plan to be hear until I'm 110 and I need to be able to party up until then" that always got a laugh and people moved on. Sometimes those who had know me for years would comment "Sharon why are you always talking about getting old" and I would reply " because I will be old". I can only pray and hope that someone reading this will be empowered to know that it is OK to care about your health.

Confused about what is healthy
If it is from mother earth and edible in all likely hood it is healthy. The deeper the color, ie blue berries,black berries,greens,spinach etc If it is fresh it is always best Grains that have been striped for the purpose of making them white in color are generally not healthy.These beige and brown foods have a high glycemic index I'll make one statement about meats and that is that we consume more that we need for the American life style we live.

Perhaps you just do better with some one taking you step by step then you could benefit by my service as your health


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