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Mommies-To-Be, What You Eat Matters!

Recent studies have shown that a pregnant mother's diet can greatly impact what the fetus will eat and drink in the future. The emphasis on eating healthy has never been more relevant for mommies-to-be.

Dr. Jospehine Todrank explains that: "this highlights the importance of eating a healthy diet and refraining from drinking alcohol during pregnancy and nursing." Pregnant women who drink alcohol are more likely to develop fetuses that are attracted to alcohol. Healthy foods habits are essential for healthy child development and promoting healthy eating in children.

After studying mice, researchers found that the offspring sense of smell was altered by their mother's diet. The baby mice had significant changes in development of olfactory, glomeruli in the brain, which both affect the sense of smell.

"This is the first study to address the changes in the brain that occur upon steady exposure to flavors in utero and early in postnatal life when the newborn is receiving milk from the mother," said Dr. Diego Restrepo, the co-director of the NeuroSciences at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

What can we learn from this study? Prenatal nutrition is IMPORTANT! Fetuses consider what is in the womb as 'good'. Mother's must be wary of what they eat in order to cultivate good eating habits for their children.

"What an expectant mother chooses to eat and drink has long term effects-for better or worse - on her child's sensory anatomy as well his or her odor memory and food preferences in the future," explains Todrank. "It is not yet clear how long these changes and preferences last, but we are currently investigating that question."


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