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Incorporating Whole Foods Into a Vegetarian Diet

There are many people that are interested in beginning a vegetarian diet. As everyone knows, the vegetarians usually do not consume meats such as beef, pork, poultry and fish. An authentic vegetarian diet consists of a health balance of fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grain products. Fats, even the healthy ones, are consumed sparingly. For the most part a vegetarian diet is very healthy. However, there are ways in which this type of diet can be even more healthier. Combining vegetarianism with a whole foods diet can help people consume foods that are better for them by eliminating the many processed foods that are often eaten on a daily basis. There are many ways in which vegetarians can effectively incorporate more whole foods into their diets. The following are some ways that whole food living and vegetarianism can be combined.

1. Avoiding Processed Foods-Just because a person is vegetarian does eat meat does not mean that he or she does not consume preservatives. There are plenty of vegetables, fruits and other vegeterian friendly foods that are processed. Think of the canned vegetables that are loaded with sodium and preservatives to keep them fresh. Likewise, their are fruits that are freeze dried in order to make them suitable for shelving. Although such foods do fall under the category of vegetarian, they are not the healthiest options available. Thus, vegetarians should avoid the consumption of processed foods and stick to foods in their natural form in other to obtain the most health benefits from such foods.

2. Shop the Perimeter-It is often said the healthiest foods are often on the perimeter of a supermarket. This is generally true. For vegetarians this would mean sticking to the produce and bread sections. In these locations individuals are most likely to find the food items they can eat. What's more in these particular sections the foods are less likely to be processed. Shopping the perimeter of a supermarket will ensure that individuals will be less likely to pick up items that are loaded with preservatives and additives.

3. Go to Farmers Markets/Join a Food Co-op-There is no better way to incorporate more whole foods into a vegetarian diet than by purchasing such foods from places such as farmer's markets and food co-ops. The foods at these places are usually picked fresh the very day of sale so there is no concern about freshness or the possibility of the food being preserved in any way. Likewise, there is less of a possibility of a person being exposed to harsh chemicals and pesticides from the produce that is sold at a local farmers market. In most cities, there are farmers markets that operate year around, and this ensures that there are a numerous types of fresh produce available according to the season. In other locations there are food co-ops that work in conjunction with local farmers to make fresh produce and other products readily available.

Thus, individuals that are adhering to a vegetarian lifestyle should know that there are a number of methods that they can use in order to incorporate more whole foods into their diets.


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