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How to Eat More Vegetables Everyday

Everyone is busy! Sometimes you don't think about what you are eating each and everyday, perhaps just enjoying the fact that you have made it through another meal with such a busy schedule. Moving this quickly each and every day can result in skipping over important items that are really great for your general health, such as vegetables. One might think skipping them for a day or two is no big deal, until it gets to the point that you may not even remember the last time you had a vegetable.

Eating more vegetables is very easy. One very simple, fast and easy way, is to buy some V-8 juice and keep it on hand in your fridge. V-8 can also be purchased in individual size cans, perfect to grab on the go. In that one can, you may well consume more vegetables than you are currently eating in a weeks time.

Another way to eat more vegetables everyday is to actually buy some in the supermarket and that way you will have them on hand for your next meal. They offer can version, as well as, frozen ones and the fresh ones are in the produce department. If you live alone, they even offer individual sizes, too. When you are planning out your meals that you will be cooking for the week, make sure you have enough vegetables. Keep in mind that vegetables can be heated up or cooked by a fifth grader, so chances are good that any adult will be able to successfully handle it. Soups also come in a wide variety offering many with lots of vegetables included.

When you are shopping in the vegetable isle, begin with your favorites. Do not buy that cauliflower if you hate it, because you will waste your money on it and never eat it. If you only like corn and green beans, then only buy those to start. It is a starting point and if you only eat those two vegetables regularly, chances are it is more than you were eating before you purchased them at the supermarket. When you have a few extra minutes in the grocery store another time, just glance through and see what other vegetables are available. You may be surprised at the very large selection.

Keep in mind that you could also enjoy a baked potato or baked sweet potato with your next dinner. They can easily and quickly be made in the microwave. Walk thru your local produce department or farmers market and pick up a cucumber, some celery, carrots, and broccoli. Wash them off at home and cut them up and place them in Ziploc bags. Then, when you want a quick nibble, just grab a few. They also can be dipped in a small amount of your favorite ranch dressing. How about that favorite burger you crave every now and again? Next time think about ordering it with some lettuce, tomato and onion on top. You have just instantly added three vegetables to that burger making eating more vegetables much easier on a meal-to-meal basis.


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