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Benefits Of Eating Whole Foods

There are many benefits of eating whole foods, which are often categorized as fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes. They have not been processed or refined and often do not contain any fat, salt or sugar or other additives. Some scientists have even done studies to try to determine why whole foods tend to have such positive results when looking at lower cancer rates, fewer strokes, less heart disease or diabetes and many other illnesses. Our bodies require a large number of nutrients that can be found in whole foods. However, it takes work and dedication to locate and put these foods on ones menu.

Shopping at the grocery store with nutrition in mind can be a very different experience than it might otherwise be. Understand what each food gives you and how to put them together can take time and effort. However, it is important for overall health that we take in proper nutrition on a regular basis. In fact, many people who are trying to lose weight find that if they replace foods full of additives and preservatives with more natural foods they begin to lose some weight much more effectively than if they just try to exercise or eat less of the same foods they are used to.

One of the biggest advantages to these fresh foods is the antioxidants which they contain. Antioxidants are molecules which can prevent or slow the oxidation of other molecules. Oxidation of molecules in the body can produce free radicals that can cause problems that damage cells, which seems to be one of the causes of chronic diseases. Because many people do not eat sufficient quantities of fresh foods that contain these antioxidants, some manufacturers have created supplements that contain them so that they can be added to ones diet.

However, there have been a number of studies that show that when people take supplements, they fail to eat enough of whole foods to get everything they need. It is also true that nutrients from manufactured supplements may not be as easily assimilated into the body as the nutrients in fresh food. Because of this, many people have turned to more natural or organic whole foods supplements.

Such supplements are often manufactured out of foods that the average person does not have access to. Because they use organic foods, they are a better source of whole nutrition than regular processed, synthetic supplements. Be sure to research the different nutrients in your foods so that you can decide if a supplement is necessary. Then, look for those that use organics if you decide you want supplements.

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