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A Closer Look At The Spirulina Supplement

People who understand the benefits of good health understand the importance of taking care of themselves. They make it a priority to take time each day to exercise, eat right, and get plenty of sleep. It is a scientifically proven fact that eating healthy and nutritional foods are a must to feel at ones best. It is ever so true, as the old saying goes, that you are what you eat. Health and vitality are priceless and as one ages the truth of that statement becomes even more apparent.

Along with eating right, exercising regularly, and taking care of our bodies, it is important to sure that we are receiving the right balance of nutrients. Even if a person is health conscious, sometimes as a result of busy schedules and lives, a person doesn't always get the right balance of nutrients in their diet. It can be very challenging to plan your daily meals around their nutritional value well enough to get all of the important nutrients you need in all of the proper quantities. It is often to ones advantage to supplement a diet with additional vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

When thinking about supplements, one often thinks of large capsules that are hard to swallow that are a specific nutrient supplement. However, if you could find one or two supplements that give you everything you need, wouldn't you consider it? Spirulina is a food supplement that is perhaps the most amazing super food on earth. NASA even declared in a statement that just one kilogram of this super food would be equivalent to 1000 kilograms of different fruits and vegetables. This nutrient potent substance also has nearly 26 times the calcium found in milk and 58 times the iron found in spinach. If there were truly a whole food, Spirulina would be it!

So what is this amazing food? Spirulina is made from a single celled bluish-green algae, grown in salt water. This amazing micro algae stems from pre-historic times and is a super source of fatty oils, minerals, linolenic acid, chlorophyll, anti-oxidants, beta carotene (10 time more than carrots), vitamin B-12, more protein than soy bean with all nine essential amino acids, and many other essential elements and minerals.

Because of the healthful potency of Spirulina, it is especially well suited for people who suffer with illness. It is quickly gaining popularity among the health industry in the fight against viral infections and diseases, including cancer. It strengthens the immune system, enhances the cardiovascular system, cleanses the body of toxins, and promotes healthy brain function.

Fatty acids, which are essential for good health, are often omitted or at the very least are in short supply in most diets. Fatty acids are absolutely critical for the brain to function properly. Spirulina, which contains these essential acids, will fill the missing gap in the diet and supply those needed nutrients for good brain function. If you are looking for great nutritional supplements without having to take fifteen or twenty different pills to get everything you need, you should look into this great super supplement which supplies practically everything you need.

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