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If you work hard at exercising, you do not want to spoil all of your hard work by eating way too much and eating food that just is not healthy for you. Of course you can treat yourself once in awhile or even make delicious looking desserts that are low fat and low calorie. A dessert such as sugar-free Jell-O or sugar-free pudding and whip cream make a tasty and light dessert. Place the Jell-O or pudding in a glass, alternate with whip cream until the glass is full. You may want to add a few banana slices and walnuts at the top of the dessert.

Foods that are healthy to eat include tomatoes. Tomatoes are an excellent source of nutrients, antioxidants that help with the prevention of cancer. If you eat just 10 tablespoons of tomatoes a week, you are doing well. Breast cancer is the number one cancer tomatoes help fight off. They do not call tomatoes the "super food" for nothing.

You can eat tomatoes in spaghetti, lasagna, pesto dishes, salads, chili and even cut up fresh from the garden or store with a dabble of salad dressing for a cool and refreshing snack or side dish.

Meats that are extremely healthy include fish so you get your Omega-3 fats. Salmon, blue gills, swordfish, walleye, perch, trout, etc. are fish you want to eat at least 2 to 3 times per week for the healthiest you. Have fun catching your own fish or simply head to the grocery store or outdoor market to find yourself a delicious piece of fish to have for your next meal. Make sure you grill, bake or broil your fish. Do not deep fry your fish or you are going to add loads of calories and too much oil is not good for your heart.

Spinach is a fantastic choice to keep in your weekly diet. Spinach is a fabulous source of iron. You will find the vitamins A, C, E, K, calcium and beta-carotene in spinach. You can choose to eat spinach fresh as a salad, mixed with salad greens as well as cooked. When cooking spinach, add a little salt and butter for a mouthwatering dish.

Love to snack yet do not love the many unhealthy choices such as potato chips, Doritos, ice cream, cake, buttered and salted popcorn? Nuts are a great choice. The best nuts to eat are walnuts, almonds, cashews, pecans, Brazil nuts and Macadamia nuts. Eat a variety of these nuts as they each have different benefits to offer you.

Just remember to keep the snack portion size small as nuts are still fattening.

When you are trying to stay healthy and fit make sure you do not do a lot of snacking. It is not healthy to snack before you go to bed. If you must eat a little something so you can sleep through the night, eat something very light. This way you will not regret all of the extra calories and fat in the morning.

When trying to stay fit make sure you keep your portion size of food down. In America we are given way too big of plates and portions of foods when we go out for dinner. Many of us get used to eating such large portions and we make huge amounts of food for our meals and overeat at home, too.

Continue to work out, eat healthy and normal sized portions for the happiest, healthiest you.


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