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What In The World Are You Eating?

Many of us are concerned with what is being put into our foods. We know there are lots of additives, preservative and processing chemicals, and we know that are lots of residual substances such as pesticides and hormones in our food as well. We hear a lot about carcinogens mainly, but in the end, though we don't really trust the food we eat, we just wash it extra carefully and go ahead and eat it anyway. Or we go organic, but even then people still worry about the food they eat.

A lot of the blame rests on, not surprisingly, the US government. For it was the military that first began using preservatives in its KP Rations to make them keep in the jungle. A gruesome fact that you will not like to read is that after a firefight in a remote part of the jungle, because of the preservatives in his body, the remains of GI's could often be found well after their Vietnamese counterparts' had fully decomposed.

We don't think much at all about the condition that our livestock and poultry live in before they are slaughtered, processed, and set on our dinner table. I think we should.

Reforms were made early in the last century to guarantee the condition and safety of the food we eat, especially meat. That is where the term 'USDA Prime' originates from. Manufacturers are no longer allowed to put sawdust in the sausages, though they used to.

It has been a long time since those regulations were put into effect though and the situation has become lax. Or rather, compromises are made now that were not feasible from a technological stance one hundred years ago.

Many know (you should) that conditions in chicken factories are what I would certainly consider cruel and anyone would consider unhygienic. The chickens are stored in very tall stacks of cages, and end up defecating into the cages below them. Infections get so bad that chickens' feet sometimes rot off. The industry's solution to the problem though has not been to reorganize storage, but rather to simply spray the whole area with antibiotics.

That is but one example of countless of wrong doing in the food industry. Everyone should know this before they buy that next steak.


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