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Eating Before Exercising Is Important

It would seem that there is a great deal of misinformation concerning the requirements needed for exercising and so many of us have ended up falling prey to the various myths and mistaken, erroneous "facts" which are currently out there (and it would seem that the bulk of these are derived from the internet).

As a result, people are now placing themselves at risk whenever they do workout and so what this means then is that the exerciser is faced with the grim reality that they will end up sustaining a rather nasty injury.

Therefore, the following is intended as a concise overview of some of the most salient and essential issues that the exerciser should be aware of in regards to the issue.

Have something to eat before exercising

Whenever we exercise, we will be pushing our bodies to the absolute limit and so we are forcing it to undergo and sustain pressure, and exertion which in turn will result in damage and fissures to the muscle tissue around the body.

This is nothing to be unduly concerned about and the reason for this is that the body will then heal the damaged muscle tissue to make it stronger and more durable. However, in order for it to be able to competently carry out this essential repair process, the exerciser must ensure that they consume enough food before the workout to provide the body with the fuel needed for it.

The body will need a considerable amount of protein, as protein and the amino acid molecules contained within them are the substance from which all cells of the body are made. Put simply, if the body does not have enough protein at hand, these repairs will not take place.

The exerciser must also ensure that they get plenty of carbohydrates as these are the primary energy source of the body. Contrary to popular belief (the Atkins diet has a lot to answer for), not all carbohydrates are bad, and it is complex carbs we should be eating rather than simple ones.

That is why many professional weight lifters and bodybuilders will have a protein shake before they commence a workout session: to maximise the progress they make and ensure that there is plenty of raw materials at hand for the body to do what it has to do.

Many people are a little wary about using these shakes, primarily because they are expensive and they are not absolutely confident as to their usefulness or reliability. With that in mind then, the exerciser can actually achieve similar results all by themselves.

A glass of full fat milk, a banana and a slice of whole-grain bread is the perfect combo for a pre-workout meal.

Make sure that you eat all of this no more than an hour and a half from the time you intend to start working out. The reason for this is that you will find that your body will end up metabolising the food completely, and so you lose the benefits they could have provided.


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