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Diet Tips To Kick The New Year Right

Make your New Year resolutions stick by making your goals realistic. Weight loss expectations should start conservatively. A ten percent reduction from your current weight is reasonable enough. This goal should be good for six months to a year. Here, some tips to start your New Year weight loss plan on the right foot.

Weighing yourself regularly is a good way to keep track of your weight. It gives you a chance to evaluate your weight loss efforts. It also provides you with the data you need to formulate solutions. One other scale that you might find useful is the hunger scale. This works by giving a corresponding number to your hunger levels. For example, zero can correspond to very hungry and ten to stuffed. Seven is full but not overly so. Two or three is the right time to eat. You can customize this scale according to your convenience. Don't go below two and above seven. This way, you keep your energy levels stable.

Eating healthy means getting the essential nutrients you need. Half of your plate should be reserved for vegetables. One fourth should accommodate lean meat, fish and other healthy protein sources. The remaining space is for complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, potatoes or beans. A small sliver of space for good fats such as nuts and avocado should be enough. Start the New Year right by downsizing your bowls, plates and cups. Studies reveal that people tend to finish everything in their plates or cups. This is one way to practice portion control.

Resolve not to punish yourself with exercise if you had a pig out. You will end up hating exercise if you keep on with this practice. Get active to improve sleep, reduce stress and increase energy. Exercise should not only be done when you've had a little too much to eat. It should be a regular part of your fitness plan. Physical activity doesn't just mean hitting the gym. You can burn extra calories by getting up from your desk and stretching every hour or so. Walking around the office every hour or two can provide you with an additional 200 calorie burn every day.

Depending on how long you've gone without working out, it may take a while to get adjusted to a regular exercise schedule. Although most highly motivated individuals want to start off the new year with a bang, caution needs to be exercised as well to make sure you're not starting out too fast. Working out too hard and too often may lead to injury, so remember to start out nice and slow. Starting the New Year with the right weight loss strategies inspires you to stick with it throughout the year. Sensible fitness strategies that work toward your health goals are the best solution to your weight problems.


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