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Learning What High Cholesterol Foods To Avoid

Cholesterol is not a new terminology to most people. It is in the news almost every day with warnings of how bad it is for your health. Since it is invisible most people do not give it a second thought unless they have a routine blood test or become ill. Then they are told what high cholesterol foods to avoid.

This fatty material is produced by the liver and is required by the body's cells to keep them health and in good condition. It is the elevated levels of this material that leads to health problems. This level does not come from the liver but from what you eat.

When there is too much of this material in the blood eventually there will be a buildup of plaque. This plaque is a thick coating that forms on the inside of blood vessels, often those that supply blood to your heart, and slow down the blood flow. Over time, this coating thickens and blood clots form which can break off and go to your brain or heart, causing a heart attack or death.

The best way to keep this from happening is to pay attention to your diet and learn what high cholesterol foods to avoid. It has been found that the right diet can lower the amount of this material in the blood so it is possible, if you have a bad reading, to bring it under control and eliminate the possibility of serious health problems. A reading of LDL is considered bad and HDL is considered good.

Any products with a large amounts of saturated fat should be eliminated entirely. This fat is found in fatty meats, egg yolks, whole-milk dairy products, products with tropical oils, butter and lard, shellfish and products with trans fats. This may seem like a lot of things to watch out for but if you keep a list of these things handy it is not difficult to just not put them in your cupboard.

One thing that will help you tremendously in preventing this plaque in your bloodstream is learning to read the food labels on packages and cans. This will help you determine which high cholesterol foods to avoid. Under federal law things such as 'trans fat' must be listed on all food labels.

Watching your diet and learning which high cholesterol foods to avoid will not only protect your health but that of your family as well. In today's modern supermarket there is plenty of food that tastes just as good as those with the harmful ingredients, and are attractive looking as well. Once in awhile you will no doubt eat something with the ingredients that are plaque builders but it is eating them on a steady diet that is harmful to your health.


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