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What Are the Foods Containing Folic Acid?

Folate is a water soluble vitamin b complex nutrition. It is essential for our health. Without folate the important DNA and RNA will be redundant. Hence it is better to know the foods containing folic acid so that we pay attention to improve the intake in case of deficiency.

When folate becomes deficient? There are only three reasons. When biologically sometimes our folate requirement is more than the normal requirement. This happens during pregnancy or in some cases for cancer patients. When folate intake is lower than normal requirement. The third reason is during certain medication the folate metabolism is low and thus it drains the folate and becomes deficient.

When folate is deficient there are various symptoms occur. For example anemia is the result of folate deficiency. Because folate is important for production of red blood cells. Heart palpitation and frequent tiredness will happen.

Importantly folate is required for cell formation and maintenance. That is the reason for pregnant women to have sufficient folic acid. This is because during pregnancy the fetus will undergo rapid cell division and formation. If folic acid is inadequate the baby will have neural defects. This will lead to im-matured spine and brain development.

What are the foods containing folic acid? Since our body cannot synthesise the folic acid on its own we should take folate from external sources only. There are basically three types of external sources. One is natural foods like fruits, vegetables and meat products and the other is fortified foods including food supplement.

Citrus fruits have folate. You can take orange, pineapple, strawberry etc., to get good folate. In the case of vegetables folate is high in spinach, broccoli, green turnip etc. Pig liver is rich in folate.

Fortified foods include bread and breakfast cereals fortified with folic acid. In some countries it is mandatory in fortify certain foods with folic acid.

All adults should have 400 to 500 mcg of folate daily. In the case of pregnant women they should have minimum of 600 mcg of late daily.

Since it is not possible to control the dosage if you take only natural foods it is better to supplement the same. I would suggest you to take natural nutrition supplement in addition to your normal diet rich in folate.

Go for total balanced nutrition approach. This is the holistic way to get a good health. Also you will get synergy out of multi nutrition. Daily I take a fantastic nutrition supplement that has this nutrition of appropriate dosage apart from foods containing folic acid. It is made up of 70 different kinds of natural herbs and salts. I am sure you will be delighted to look at. Visit my website to know more about this great nutrition.


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