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Nutrients for Healthy Skin - Discover the Top Vitamins and Minerals Your Skin Needs

Your skin is living organism on its own. That's how I think about it anyway. Its needs to be fed, its needs water and it needs to be protected from harsh temperature conditions.

To get and keep good skin you need to nourish it with nutrients for healthy skin. These nutrients can be obtained from the food you eat, from supplements and from high quality skin care products.

That's one of the reasons why it's important to check if the ingredients your lotion or cream contains are rich in the right kind of nutrients.

So what are the best nutrients for healthy skin?

There are many kinds of nutrients that are beneficial to skin. Some of them are really common, while others you might not have already heard of.

Below I'm going to share some the most important vitamins and minerals you need to maintain good skin health.


Vitamin A - This vitamin is important to skin because it helps fight free radicals, it helps prevent skin drying, it keeps skin looking younger and also helps repair damaged skin.

Vitamin B Complex - These nutrients helps keep skin well hydrated and also helps sooth irritated and dry skin.

Vitamin C - This is perhaps the most common vitamin and it is widely known for improving the immunity of the body.

Vitamin C is also very beneficial to skin. It helps repair tissue and sun damage; and also protects skin from the oxidation of free radicals.


Zinc - A deficiency in zinc can cause acne, therefore this mineral will help you get clear skin.

Copper - Helps keep skin looking young by improving elasticity and firmness.

Remember that as much these nutrients for healthy skin are really good for you, it's important to keep in mind that when taken in high dosages they can do more harm than good.

Therefore always get professional help or the optimum dosage levels.


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