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Three Causes of Folic Acid Deficiency

Folate is a water soluble vitamin b9 nutrition. It is very important for our DNA and RNA. Without this nutrition both DNA and RNA are redundant. Unfortunately our body cannot synthesis folic acid on its own. We have to take folate from external sources from foods and our body will synthesise this into folic acid. Another form is to take folic acid fortified foods. What are the causes of folic acid deficiency.

Basically there are only three reasons why this nutrition becomes deficient in our body.

1. Sometimes our body due to biological changes needs more folate than normally required. The deficiency will occur during that time.

2. Many of us may not be providing required dietary allowance RDA of folate to our body. This is the other reason for folate deficiency.

3. In certain circumstances the folate we take is drained out thus leading to deficiency.

I will give you example of each one of the above circumstances to understand the causes of folic acid deficiency.

Folate is essential for cell formation and maintenance. This is more pronounced during rapid cell division and formation. When these happen in our body? Only in two situations. The fetus in the pregnant woman undergoes rapid cell division and formation. This is a good news. But the bad news is the rapid cell division during cancer. Folic acid is vital to pregnant women. In fact all child bearing woman should have folic acid. In the case of pregnant women they should have more than normal requirement. They need minimum of 600 mcg per day. Folate deficient mothers are likely to give birth to neural defective babies. The baby's brain and the spine are not fully developed. This is the disaster. In the case of cancer patients this nutrition is the savior.

During period of lactation folate deficiency can occur. Abuse of alcohol, malabsorption and liver disease lead to deficiency.

All men and women should have minimum of 400 to 500 mcg of folate every day. Apart from cell formation and maintenance folate is required for production of red blood cells. Otherwise anemia is the result. There are various other heath problems one may encounter like diarrhea, heart palpitation, frequent tiredness etc. If you do not take the RDA of folate there will be deficiency.

The example for folate draining out from our body is due to medication. If you are taking medicine for anticonvulsion or to control inflammation or rheumatoid arthritis or under kidney dialysis folate metabolism is highly reduced. In such cases you are bound to face folate deficiency.

When you face folate deficiency you should take lot of citrus fruits like orange, pineapple, strawberry etc. Spinach, broccoli, green turnips, pig liver are having good folate. You can also take folic acid fortified foods like bread, breakfast cereals etc.

I will recommend you to go in for a complete planned nutrition to get synergy. Daily I taka fantastic nutrition supplement that has folic acid of RDA. This I take apart from my routine nutritious diet. I lead a healthy life and free from any causes of folic acid deficiency. Visit my website to know more on this great nutrition.


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