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Fat Burning Tips - Do Diets Work?

Can anyone shout out just how many diets there are these days? The 100 Calorie Diet, the 3 Apple A Day Diet, 6 Day Body Makeover, Beverly Hill Diet, the New Beverly Hills Diet, the list goes on and on. Some concentrate on not eating certain food groups, some on specific foot eating linked to fat burning techniques, some focus on only eating certain food. It is a multi-billion dollar industry because most people in this world, at some point in the life, either want to lose weight, or need to.

The problem is, they don't want it enough to cut out the bad habits, and in most cases, end up reverting back to where they started, or worse. In the UK, obesity is becoming a major issue, and the cost to the NHS through general bad health is astronomical. The cost, however, isn't just about money. The cost to your health in incalculable.

I'm Not Fat, Just Big Boned

So why don't people stop the bad habits before it is too late. A lot of it is knowledge. Just how many people know the Calorific content of any given food? The example I always talk about is Milk. Sure Milk can be low fat, but it isn't always low calorie, there is a difference, and most people go through their life reading low fat labels under the misapprehension that it is healthy to eat. Another problem is accepting that you are overweight. You do not have to be noticeably fat to be classed as technically overweight, even some people who are classed as technically obese probably don't think of themselves as fat.

At the end of the day, there is no substitute for daily exercise, just enough to get you sweating to get some Fat Burning, and eating fruit when you are peckish, cutting out high sugar foods and more importantly, take some time to understand exactly what you are eating.

I am not saying don't buy a diet book or not to go on some Fat Burning Diets, just go in with your eyes open, and like New Year's Resolutions, try and make them last in to February.


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