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Grocery Shopping on a Whole Foods Diet

Grocery shopping can be a challenging task, staying healthy can all boil down to the choices we make at the grocery store. With all of the choices and labels it's hard to know what is beneficial for our bodies and what isn't. This article will provide you with a guide to knowing what to buy when grocery shopping.

The most important rule to abide by when heading out to the grocery store is to not leave hungry. You don't want your stomach getting the best of you. With all of the delicious selections it can be hard to think straight and get the right amount of food that has the right nutrition.

It is always good to plan ahead. Make a list of healthy foods you plan to buy before you leave. It is easier to stick to buy healthy foods if you already know which ones you plan to buy. Going in without a plan can lead you to buy unhealthy foods that you normally wouldn't. Making a list will also keep you from having to run back to the store to get something you forgot.

When making this list be sure to stick to mostly whole foods. Whole foods are foods that are kept in their natural state. They aren't high in sugar and haven't been processed. This means you need to base your shopping mostly around produce. Sometimes fresh produce can be expensive, frozen fruits and vegetables can be just as healthy for a fraction of the cost. If buying canned produce be sure to read the label, a lot of food companies add sugar and syrups to their fruits and vegetables.

When shopping for grains be sure to stick to whole grains. This means whole wheat bread, brown rice, and whole grain tortillas. Oatmeal is also a great choice but try to stay away from the instant kind, because it tends to have more sugar and other unhealthy ingredients added to it.

The next time you are going grocery shopping take some of these tips into consideration. If you follow them, I can assure you that your shopping will go smoothly and you will come home with money smart, healthy choices.


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