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Reducing Carbohydrates for Weight Loss

There are many diets on the market that restrict food groups, or eliminate them altogether! While this is not an ideal way to lose weight, cutting back on certain foods, like carbs can help you to lose weight.

What are Carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates are sugars and when they are not burned by activity they are stored as fat. By replacing extra carbs with protein, (not stored as fat) or vegetables, which are carbs but easily digestible and lower in calories and sugars, you will lose weight gradually and healthily over a short period of time.

Carbohydrates or carbs, are the fuel for your body. They feed your brain, give the body energy, and should make up a large portion of your diet.

So Why Reduce?

Carbohydrates are commonly, inadvertently over eaten. A portion of rice or pasta is much smaller than you might think. In addition to larger portion sizes, it's common to serve carb dishes with more carb fueled foods such as beans or bread.

Try This:

-A friend mentioned she makes burritos but instead of wrapping in tortilla, wrap in a big piece of lettuce. This way the filling (what counts most of all!) such as cheese, beans, veggies, lean ground beef (or vegetarian substitute) are still there, and delicious, but without the extra calories from the tortilla shell.

-Dip veggies into hummus or yogurt instead of bread.

-Reduce pasta portion by half, serve with lean, skinless meat or alternative, and vegetables.

-Have an open-faced sandwich with one slice of bread. This leaves room for a side such as cottage cheese, salad or hard-boiled eggs.

If you have trouble dropping weight, or you have plateaued, try reducing your carb intake for a few weeks. The results will be surprising.


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