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The Healthy Guilty Pleasures

Finding your inner child can be a challenge for those who are trying to beat the deadline at work. All work and no play can take its toll on the body making it hard to recover. Do feel free to catch up with your inner child by doing the things that you love. And for those who are still having a hard time catching up, here are some guilty pleasures that are budget friendly.

Try to get your daily dose of caffeine by drinking iced coffee. Coffee has a lot of health benefits. The antioxidants and the extra boost in energy coupled with the goodness of caffeine will help you feel happier inside.

Eating beef and other meat products is fine as long as it is taken into moderation. An ample amount of beef can do wonders for the body. Try grilling them instead of frying. To avoid carcinogens from developing, you can cook it halfway with the use of the microwave or you can douse your beef with marinate for an hour before grilling.

Sangria helps boost the heart and alleviates all the problem it encounters. The added bonus of fiber and antioxidants can also bring healthy skin and good digestion.

Skip the aerobics routine and head down to the theaters and enjoy a comedy movie with friends. A heartfelt laugh relaxes the blood vessels and is equivalent to going to the gym for some aerobics routine.

Take an afternoon nap for about thirty minutes. It will empower you to do more on the job. Research have also discovered that people who like napping are less likely to die from heart problems.

Feel free to take a stroll around the neighborhood every afternoon. The afternoon is the best time to talk a walk down and meet with the neighbors as the sun is already setting and the breeze is cool enough.

People who often have sex at very least thrice a week are a happier couple. They experience less pain and have lower blood pressure than those who pass on the deed some other time.


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