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10 Foods That Can Ward Off Cancer

1. Blueberries
Blueberries are recognized as a superfood because it is packed with antioxidants that fight the free radicals in the body which can cause cancer. They are the richest in berry for cancer fighting ability.

2. Mushrooms
Mushrooms help build the immune system and contains compounds that help the body ward off cancer.

3. Whole Grains
whole grains are rich in cancer fighting compounds. They contain antioxidants, fiber and phytoestrogens which decrease the risk of cancer.

4. Green Tea
Green tea have flavinoids which are known to ward of liver, colon, breast and prostate cancers.

5. Grapes
Grapes and therefore red wine contain a chemical called resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant in fighting cancer. Resveratrol was studied to see how it affects the the progression of cancer. It has been shown to act as an anti oxidant by preventing free radical growth and.

6. Garlic
Garlic contains cancer fighting compounds

7. Tomatoes
Tomatoes contain lycopene which has been shown to fight prostate cancer amongst others.

8. Dark Leafy Greens
Dark leafy greens contain carotenoids which neutralize free radicals.

9. Cruciferous vegetables
Cruciferous vegetables have excellent cancer fighting properties. They are said to contain a phytochemical that breaks down potential cancer forming cells thereby preventing the change from normal healthy cells to cancer ones. They include, bok choy, watercress, broccoli, brussels sprouts, kale, cauliflower, cabbage, turnips and radishes.

10. Flaxseeds
The seed of flax is used as a source of oil. Whilst not technically a grain it has similar vitamin and mineral profile but with more fiber and cancer fighting antioxidants.


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