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Good Fats to Eat - Are You and Your Family Getting Enough?

If you're anything like me, you want to eat right and stay healthy. You've probably heard of the "good fats" but which ones are the good fats to eat? Don't you wish these nutrition guidelines would quit changing? First, we weren't supposed to eat fat. Now, we're supposed to eat a certain kind of fat.


Well, as scientists tells us, the brain is made up of 60% fat. And it needs to keep replenishing that fat to keep operating at it's full capacity throughout your life.

Your brain is the central communication system. It sends messages to all your cells to let them know what to do next. But, if it doesn't get the nutrition it needs, it doesn't run as well.

Ever feel forgetful or "foggy"? You might need more good fats.

These good fats to eat are omega 3 fatty acids.

And, nutritionists say Americans don't get enough of them. So, to increase your good fats intake, you need to eat more avocados, walnuts, flaxseeds and even grass fed beef. (Not the usual grain fed stuff)

But, the powerhouse of them is fish. That's because fish oil is rich is DHA, the key omega 3 that's hard to get anywhere else. And, it's DHA that builds your brain and keeps it functioning.

And, by functioning, I mean it reduces your body inflammation, improves your memory, clears your arteries, and even boosts your mood.

When you look at the research, it's kind of amazing what DHA does. And, if you don't get enough of it, it wrecks havoc with your health. Your body will try to compensate by making replacement fatty acids but they don't work the same way. In fact, high levels of replacements have been found in the blood levels of people with depression and ADD.

So, watch your nutrition. There are plenty of good fats to eat. Make sure you eat those avocados and walnuts, use olive oil in your salads and to cook with and eat more fish. The American Heart Association recommends eating fish 2-3 times a week. If that won't work for you and your family, then please consider fish oil supplements with DHA.

It's the DHA you need and all supplements don't have them, so pay attention to the label to make sure you're getting what you need.

If you'd like to learn more about good fats to eat and what to look for in omega 3 fish oil, please visit my website where I share what I've learned over the years.


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