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Fish DHA Is Critical to You and Your Family's Health

Are you like me, you heard about fish DHA and wondered what it was all about? I know I did. But I started looking into it and I learned fish DHA was a reference to a type of fish oil you and I need to stay healthy.

It turns out DHA is a critical nutrient. And fish is rich in it.

See, DHA is a component of what you might know as omega 3 fatty acids. These are important nutrients that studies show reduce body inflammation, clear your arteries, boost your brainpower and even enhance your mood.

Study after study have proved the critical link between your health and high levels of omega 3's.

Your brain is made up of 60% fats. Some of those fats are omega 3's and others are omega 6's. Nutritionists agree, most Americans get plenty of the omega 6 fatty acids but not enough of the omega 3's. It's all about the diet. Most of us don't eat enough fish but eat plenty of processed foods and oils with omega 6.

That imbalance is a problem for your health.

Without enough omega 3's like the type in fish DHA, your arteries may clog up leading to heart disease or a stroke. You may be forgetful and feel "down" without knowing why. It can even contribute to your longevity. According to a Harvard study, a deficiency in this and other crucial fatty acids could be linked to a premature death.

This could be because if your brain isn't getting the nutrients it needs, it has to make them up somehow. Your brain will try to build replacement cells but they could be harmful. If you eat a diet heavy in processed, fried foods and transfats, you're putting yourself at risk for one of these chronic diseases.

Your children too.

Children need plenty of DHA because it's crucial to the formation of their brain.

When they're young it helps them develop motor skills and language. Studies show it can even help them focus and concentrate in school. An English study found feeding high levels of omega 3 supplements to children diagnosed with ADD or ADHD calmed these children, improved their schoolwork and even got some of them off prescription medications like Ritalin.

It'd not so difficult to get the nutrients you need. Every human being needs plenty of omega 3 fatty acids -especially DHA. So, you can eat more fish-2-3 times a week will give you and your family the fish DHA you need.

Or, you may opt for supplements to ensure everyone's getting their nutrients. If you go with omega 3 fish oil pills, make sure they're pure and have the right amount of DHA. Please visit my website to learn more about these important supplements and what to look for in your fish DHA.


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