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Take Care of the Good Bacteria and It Will Pay You With a Healthier Life!

Intestinal flora consist of bacteria, our digestive system needs them to function properly. They help the kidneys by processing the proteins and eliminating the toxins, they keep down the ammonia, they process the lactose producing lactic acid which is good for the colon decreasing the time it takes to the waste products to get out of our body. They digest fibers that our system is not capable to do it. Intestinal flora also produces some vitamin B and K, for our body to use.

When we take antibiotics, we not only kill the harmful bacteria but we also wipe out the beneficial bacteria and as a side effect we get an unbalanced digestive tract, causing diarrheas, lactose intolerance, skin infections and vaginal infections, just to name some common effects.

We can solve this by consuming probiotics, which are non-pathogenic microorganisms, like lactobacillus acidophilus, they are found for example on yogurts or commercial supplements. The idea, is to replace the beneficial bacteria killed with the antibiotic previously.

We want to keep our intestinal flora strong in order to prevent invasion of other harmful microorganism like candida or yeast. Actually, Candida is found normally in our digestive track, mouth and vagina, however when there is not enough of the good bacteria to keep it in check, it overgrowths, resulting in yeast infection. Untreated candida can cause a lot of damage. Candida thrives with sugar, so having Diabetes represents a higher risk of developing a yeast infection.

A way to naturally controlling candida, is by eating raw garlic since it has an excellent response as an anti-fungal, also a yeast infection flourishes in toxic environments so consuming green algae can help due to its detoxification abilities.

Anyhow these are only temporary treatments, it is important to get to the root of the problem and solve for good a yeast infection, otherwise it is going to be a recurrent case.

On this days it is very common the use of anti-biotic and after the treatment is easy to get on a cycle of candida albicans, it is recommended after such treatments to replenish the intestinal flora as soon as we can to avoid all this complications and here is where probiotics serve its role since they are basically Lactobacillus, the power of this bacteria consist in their ability to produce lactic acid, which in turn, modifies the ph. of the intestine making it acidic and killing Candida, the bad bacteria.

The good bacteria in our digestive system, eradicates a huge number of microorganism that cause disease just by crowding them with their numbers, for instance they inhibit the growth of E Coli, Salmonella and Shigella.

A good way to take care of the good bacteria is by eating raw foods, yogurt or probiotics supplements, while treating Candida try to avoid sugars, and fermented foods like cheese or beer, diet is very important, get more green vegetables and more fiber, consume less sugar and less processed foods like white sugar, brown rice is preferred over white rice.


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