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Myths About the Foods We Eat and Our Diet

The biggest perpetuators about eating myths are scientists (especially chemists) and the food industry (no, this isn't conspiracy theory). Not so long ago, your diet was pretty well determined by where you lived. If you lived in an agricultural society (most did), your diet was based mainly on the grains that were grown there and the vegetables that were hardy. Meat was not a daily or even weekly food for most people.

The problem though is that tribal man is not much if at all a grain eater, and that grains simply do not have very much nutrition, even whole grains. Primitive man was a true omnivore, and more than any other simian by far, very much a hunter. Thus, most peasants in agricultural society were malnourished, overworked, and died young.

Now however we're very much concerned of our foods' chemical composition, and what the different elements are good for. This however is unprecedented and did not begin until the 20th Century. We're also very interested in what certain foods will prevent. We're obsessed with health and aging, whereas our ancestors seemed to be concerned mostly with just surviving through the winter.

It is true that we live longer than ever before and probably a good deal of that is due to our diet (though one might think we're eating ourselves to death). But isn't it medical technology that has really kept us going? I can almost guarantee that as long as you eat a rainbow palette of fruits and vegetables, a moderate and steady supply of proteins, keep grains in moderation, and get most of your sugar from fruits, you will lack nothing in nutrition and never have to worry about a vitamin ever again.


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