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Are Fruits Really That Good for You?

Sure fruits are part of the western balanced diet, and in truth they have some very important nutrients contained in them. One of the biggest problems with fruits though is how much sugar they contain and really can we afford to consume large amounts of fruits if that is the case? I have to admit I really don't think so.

Fruits are a great source of fiber and can really spice up a meal. Whether served raw or as a part of a meal, such as a slice of pineapple on top of a baked ham, fruits are essential to our everyday lives. Having plenty of fiber in your diet is important primarily for gastro-intestinal health and because of this I can't really blame anyone for eating a diet rich in fruits. Let's face it! There are plenty of vegetables that can be used instead of fruits to gain the same sort of results.

Too much of just about anything can be a bad thing.

I have a lot of respect for the fruit in our diets, the problem is I think too much is a bad thing. If we eat tons and tons of fruit we are subject to having way too much glucose in our blood which is dangerous for our health. Just because you aren't diabetic doesn't mean sugar can't effect you in a negative way.
Most people associate fruit with good health and yes when you have fruit in your diet you have most of your primary essential nutrients as well. The con to this is that people who eat a lot of fruit often deal with a bit too much acidity in their body, this isn't so good for the kidneys at the very least. This is why it is probably better to consume more meats and less fruits.

What we need is balance!

The problem with society today is that we have no concept of balance. We think that everything works in either black or white, cold or hot, always in extreme opposition of one another. The human body has adapted over thousands of years to be a machine that works with a delicate balance of all essential food types. That is of course as long as they are natural, my personal diet is to eat meats first and everything else goes from there. Why do I feel that way? That is because meats can provide the most and do the least harm to my body of all food types.

Find your balance and consider the pros and cons of fruits before making it your primary food type, you might find out they aren't as healthy for you as you think.


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