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Five Reasons Eating Meat Is Great for You!

Eating meat is one of the most beneficial things we can do for our health. When we eat meat we are consuming the protein we need to build a powerful muscular body. Meat was the original food for the human race and thereafter we began to consume plants as well; One could argue meat and man were made for one another. Here are five good reasons why we need meat in our diets.

Reason 1 - Meat contains the essential amino acids we need to survive

Without meat we just wouldn't have our essential amino acids, the fact is that no other protein source packs as much of these essential byproducts as meats do. This is one of the primary reasons it is so good when trying to build your body into a power lifting machine.

Reason 2 - Meat usually has plenty of fat

Yes, fat is needed to survive! As a matter of fact the heart needs fats like saturated fat in order to function properly. These fats contain essential fatty acids which are crucial to a healthy body!

Reason 3 - Meat contains useful vitamins and minerals

Our body needs things like iron and other vitamins like B12 and B6 in order to support healthy function. When we do not have enough iron in our blood we can suffer from anemia.

Reason 4 - Some meats contain fish oils which are great for the heart

Again we are back to the subject of fatty acids, the truth is fat gets a bad reputation when it is so very important for us. The fats contained in some fish can be so beneficial for us that they are given to heart patients to help prevent cardiovascular disease. Some doctors advise their patients to consume things like omega-3 fish oil in order to protect against things like atherosclerosis.

Reason 5 - Meat is less fattening than just about any food

People gain weight when they eat high carbohydrate diets and just about anything other than meat is full of sugar in the long run. It all just converts to glucose in the blood which in the long run gets stored as fat. When you consume a lot of meat you fill yourself on something that won't make you as fat because it really can't, it really builds your muscle instead.

These are very important reasons that we need to always consider meat in our diets, it is just good for you. Let's face it, having meats in your diet also improves the variety of foods you can consume.


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