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Green Drink Tips and Tricks

Healthy eating is wise eating and many individuals are beginning to wise up to the fact that a healthier lifestyle is conducive to a longer life. As longer life spans are becoming the norm, a higher quality of life is evolving when it involves the consumption of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. These healthy foods are viewed as preventive measures for the avoidance of chronic diseases and digestive problems down the road.

Studies have shown that individuals benefit greatly from moderate exercise and eating daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables. As they are doing so, they are experiences less autoimmune diseases and have less flu and colds to deal with during the winter seasons. Children are also benefiting from the healthy affects of eating their fruits and vegetables, as parents find ways to sneak them into their child's favorite foods.

For green drink enthusiasts this is proof put to test for their healthier way of consuming their fruits and vegetables. The freshest juices from leafy greens and low sugared fruits have the most nutritional value, which naturally fortifies the body with antioxidants and essential amino acids. Even children are clamoring for the green drink, which is sweetened naturally and taste more refreshing than soda or pasteurized fruit juices.

It is not enough just to know the benefits of a green drink using leafy greens and fruits, is also important to know the best tips and tricks for proper juicing. For proper juicing of leafy greens it is recommended that the leafy greens and vegetables be washed thoroughly with a ten minute soak in a bowl of cool water. The bowl of cool water allows the grit and debris of shipping and packing to be released from the vegetables.

Gritty green drinks are not desirable so leafy greens should additionally be washed separately and wiped down leaf by leaf. This ensures that any unwanted residues will be completely removed from the leafy green before use in the juicer. Waxy vegetables like cucumbers and zucchini should be washed thoroughly under water while being brushed with a soft bristled vegetable brush to remove debris.

Fruits should also be washed and pitted, cored and seeded. Citric fruits should be peeled, but thin skinned fruits like apples and pears are recommended to be left with skins intact. Fruits and vegetables may be chopped into roughly one to two inch sections before being placed in the juicer. This allows the juicer to break down the vegetables and fruits faster.

Many green drink enthusiasts also cut away the pulp and freeze it for later use in cooking recipes. While removing the pulp is not necessary, it does help to blend a smoother green drink when the pulp is removed from the fruits before they are added to the juicer. It is recommended that the vegetables and fruits be blended to smoothness readily drinkable to the get the right consistency of a green drink. Clean kitchen tools are important, as well as thoroughly rinsing out the juicer after using it to prevent mold build up inside the appliance and parts.


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