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Optimum Workout and Meal Diet Plan

Working out or engaging in an exercise has become a part of every fitness and health regimen of an individual. It is done in conjunction with a diet meal plan to achieve a better body shape and promote maximum health. It builds and enhance muscle structure and burns fat even improve strength thus further promotes wellness and boost self-confidence.

Maintaining a diet that goes well with your work out might appear to be confusing. You would doubt if you should be eating more or eating less? Also, you will be wondering what kind of foods are you going to take in that will not sacrifice or minimize the effects of your work out.

An hour and a half (90 minutes) before and after, and an hour (60 minutes) during your workout are the critical time of taking in foods to promote optimum productivity and effectiveness. This is popularly known as the four- hour window. Thus it is necessary that we take in the right food at these times.

Pre-workout diet plans/tips:

During your workout, your body will consume your glucose or sugar deposits stored in your body and convert it to an energy (ATP) that you will need. Therefore it is important that you take in carbohydrates before a work out. This will ensure adequacy and availability of nutrient that will be used up to promote full workout potential. It is also advisable to drink enough fluids (about 17 oz) because your body will be losing fluids during energy conversion in forms of sweat.

A heavy meal should be taken 3-4 before while a light snack should be consumed an hour before the activity. Simple carbohydrates in forms of juices and fruits are ideal to provide the body with an immediate source of energy. Low glycemic index carbohydrates facilitate fat burning such as yogurt and skimmed milk. Proteins are also necessary to give you the strength during exercise.

Post-workout diet plans/tips:

After workout as soon as possible (around 30 minutes to an hour) you should eat, it is vital that you replace what you have lost. Amino acids in proteins strengthens endurance by building new or repairing damaged tissues and they can be an alternative source for energy if your carbohydrates and lipid deposits or resources runs low. Thus, it is of utmost importance that you take in protein after workout.

Together with protein, you will need to take in carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates and protein are preferred than that of complex because they are easily digested and does not slow down metabolism. It is also a must to avoid fats after workout since it also slows down digestion thus interfering with your necessary carbohydrate and protein digestion. Finally, you must not forget to replenish yourself with water.

Just follow this easy step so that your workout and diet plan will go in sync and will yield the best possible result for you.


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