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Could a Paleolithic Diet Really Benefit You?

There seems to be so much conjecture in today's society about what we eat on a regular basis. What is good for you and what is not, what quantities are fine and what are not. Whence so many rely on the labels of any food packing to see what in fact we are about to consume. Some would contend that these days we are simply bombarded with far more choices than is necessary.

Consequently many folk are flying the "get-back-to-basics" banner, and amongst them are the proponents of the paleolithic diet. The paleolithic hunters and gatherers metabolism and physiology had ample time(2 million plus years) to genetically adapt to the types of foods available to them and subsequently evolved accordingly.

The health problems we see all pervasive in today's society, cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes Type 2, high blood pressure, heart disease and of course the ever increasing problem of obesity, are a consequence of the human diet changing in the space of the last 10000 plus years with the dawn of agriculture with some saying natural selection had too little time to genetically adapt.

In the US cereals, refined sugars, dairy products, refined vegetable oils and alcohol account to more than 70% of the total daily energy consumed, which many supporters of the paleolithic diet assert is why we are in the massive health crisis we are, especially the Western populations. We really are paying the price of convenience and in the long term this will end up eating us (pardon the pun!) These advocates of the paleo diet (as it has come to be known) contend that since the start of the agricultural age on through the industrial age-and into the information age-the introduction of domesticated and processed plant foods i. e. cereal grains and legumes etc. has impacted on our body's absorption of many key nutrients. Also these same cereals and legumes contain high amounts of what are known as antinutrients.

I am not standing on a soapbox advocating a change for everyone to get back to a paleo diet but something must be done at least on an individual basis.

Just take a look around you...


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