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Paleo Cookbooks or Expensive Health Supplements?

With our society consuming more and more pharmaceuticals and health supplements being taken daily as a matter of course do you ever stop to wonder why our health (at least in the western world) is decreasing at such an alarming rate? It is only my humble observation but we seem to be collectively be heading down the river of no return. Of course much of the Maladies facing the industrialised nations have to do with the imbalance of calories consumed versus calories burned leading to an energy excess never before seen in our species. The convenient lifestyle is taking a dreadful toll and that is why there is becoming a greater awareness of options such as the paleolithic diet and the place it could take in our helter skelter lifestyles.

There has been a dramatic increase in the use of paleo cookbooks recently (just do a Google search and see the amount of results returned). In a controlled trial of 29 people with glucose intolerance and heart disease the results showed a greater improvement in glucose tolerance for those on the paleolithic diet than those on a Mediterranean diet. Mediterranean diets are typically high in olive oil consumption as well as cereals, dairy products (primarily yoghurt and cheese) legumes, vegetables and fish. It has a relatively low red meat consumption.

There are meritorious schools of thought contending that it simply would not be feasible to encourage the widespread use of the paleo diet globally as there would be in underdeveloped countries a threat to their food security as they are largely, in some instances wholly, dependent on cereal grains for their very subsistence.

Yet for those of us in the industrialised nations,the evidence is all around that a change is needed and the sooner the better. I am not for a moment saying that paleo cookbooks will cure the ills of our modern world although I definitely believe they have an increasing relevance in our dietry choices. They don't advocate eating bland, boring or tasteless fare-on the contrary what you will find inside these cookbooks are recipes that are simple, nutritious AND flavoursome!

Take a look, what have you got to lose...


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