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Calories in Alcoholic Drinks and Fitness

Before we get started and get down to analysing and discussing the ingredients of some alcoholic drinks, we should use this post to highlight the fact of good balance. There is no point in worrying about or even caring about calories in alcoholic drinks if we do not balance this by caring about other health factors like fitness. We should all look afetr our cardic fitness in order to maintain a good and health body. As a thirty something year old looking to pull back the years afetr a few years of inactivity I must say that I found it incredibly difficult to gain the motivation in actually taking action and carrying out regular exercise.

Here are some tips which outline how I helped keep myself motivated on those cold wet mornings:

-Firstly I would always make sure that I went to bed early and woke early, avoid hitting the snooze button, this simply sends you into a deeper sleep! After a mornings exercise one feels great and fresh for the remainder of the day.

-Secondly find some other motivation for actually going on the walk itself. This motivation could be in the form of bring your dog for a walk, where you are tackling two tasks for the day in one. Or for instance you could walk to the shops, as you would be driving to the shops regardless of whether you are building your fitness or not.

The main point of this article is that one should tackle the Calories in Alcoholic Drinks dilemma in balance with the rest of the priorities in your life or day. Fitness and exercise is a vital part to anyones day. It provided food for fitness but equally food for the brain. This combined with the proper calorie intake both ones alcohol and food will leave for a very health mind and body!


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