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Finding Diets for Bodybuilders

I know that finding diets for bodybuilders can be very tough, but it should not be something that you stress over!

Ive been personal training for several years now so I have seen almost everything when it comes to diet plans. The one thing that is hard to find in a diet plan though, is a one with foods you can actually enjoy. Not only that, but things that are also quick and easy to prepare.

You should not be straying from your diet because it takes too much time to prepare foods, or because you don't like the foods your preparing. So I am going to give you several tips that I use when picking diet plans not only for myself, but for clients as well.

First thing is first, start by finding healthy whole foods you would find in a basic diet plan. This would include things like chicken breast, brown rice, spinach, broccoli, etc. Write down a list of these foods. Your going to then use the list you just created to start brainstorming ideas of foods that you could make with a combination of these healthy items you just wrote down. These will be a lot of the foods that you will want to include in your diet plan.

The next thing you want to do is create six separate columns on a sheet of paper, you will be using these as your six daily meals that you should be consuming. Now, you need to know how many calories your diet should be allowing you to consume based off your goal. Hopefully you already know this.

Once you have done all that you can start filling in the food items you created earlier into your six columns tracking the calories and making the proper adjustments.


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