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Healthy Eating Suggestions

Nowadays, unfortunately, this has changed radically. We all are so busy, that we barely have time to accomplish our daily chores, not to mention about organizing and cooking a great and healthy meal for the family. Therefore, the following tips could be helpful:

Take time to chew and enjoy each bite of the meal.

Studies show that the brain perceives the information of eating enough only after 20 minutes. Therefore, you should eat as slowly as you can, to ensure that your body will get the quantity of the food that is needed, and not more.

Make sure that you dine enough with the beloved ones.

It is also proven that if you are doing something else while eating, the brain won't concentrate on the food, but on the other things you are doing. Therefore, when you eat, this has to be the only thing you are doing in that time. Also, eating with family is great from the social point of view, you will enjoy the food better than by your own!

Don't forget about the liquids.

Eating healthy also includes drinking enough liquids in any form: water, milk, juice and so on. Our organism needs at least 2 l liquids per day. If you don't respect this, in time, your body will confuse hunger with thirst, therefore when you will be thirsty, you may feel that you are hungry. And because the organism won't be prepared for food, it won't digest the food the way it should have. This could end up as overweight.

Don't forget the breakfast!

I can't imagine my day without a delicious, great, healthy and consistent breakfast. And it's not just me; it's a fact that breakfast has to be the meal which gives you energy throughout the entire day. Because this is the basic meal, other small meals are recommended through the day.

Good luck with the this method of eating!


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